Dušan Chaloupka was born in Boskovice, Czech Republic.
  The art style DuChaism (Spiritsoulizm) is derived not only from the name Dusan Chaloupka, but  it is closely associated with his idea, that the picture should evoke a positive frame of mind, hide something mysterious and manifest spirit (Duch)
and Soul (Duše). This style follows partly the naive painting. Dusan Chaloupka is member of art society Parnas Brno and society of Naive and autodidact art.
  A brief biography is described   in one of his  pictures. It shows his course of life through various environments and time.
First you can see period of baby carriage surrounded by Weird Sisters. The first  Sister (mother) endows him with love, the second one with justice as a symbol of his  birth in the sign Libra. The third Sister holding a lit  lantern in his hand hesitates what to endow him with. And so you can find a letter X above her head. On the relative philosophic clock of time you can find various means of transport from the slovest one (pram) to the fastest (rocket), instead of digits.  They  illustrate that time is moving faster as we get older. The clock is set to 75 - the age of the author creating this picture. Wheel of life is tinged by the signs of Zodiac. .The dominant   part of this picture  are pyramids - symbol of Egypt, where the author  spent a considerable part of his working  and private life and where he could admire the style  purity of the ancient Egyptian  art.
In close historical succession you can note the pre-war period, the years of war - Nazis and   and a broken swastika (1939 – 1945), a short period of hope (1945 – 1948) ), where his father was Mayor of Boskovice , then  Brno with years of  socialism typified by the hammer and sickle broken down in 1968.followed by , jingling keys in 1989 leading to further progression for the coming generations.
  The following part shows the number of hobbies: Skiing, biking (uphill), walking, working, cross country skiing, meeting with friends, archery, biking (downhill). Characteristic places for his life points are Boskovice  the town Hall and the church, Brno –the Cathedral of Petrov,  Moscow – with the  Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin, NY –the  Statue of Liberty and then his return back to  Boskovice to his cottage.
  The next theme lets fly your fantasy.  At the heaven gate  St. Peter welcomes Souls  with open arms  holding the key of life in his hand. All this events are over - carefully watched by the God’s  eye.
For  a long time he bore this themes in his mind and he often thought above the way of expressing them. His travelling offered him many possibilities of getting   acquainted  with culture and  cultural monuments of  the countries he visited.

  But systematic painting it is only now  by a coincidence of  75th year of his age. He tries to express his personal relation to the world by reflecting  the necessity of positive thinking and the purpose of his activity is creating a positive energy.When looking  at his pictures it is necessary to think about them and to analyze their hidden Spirit and Soul in their imagination.


Dušan Chaloupka,

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